DNA Sample Leads to Rape Case in Daleville

After almost nine years, police say they have the man they think is responsible for a burglary and rape of a Daleville woman.

DNA samples were taken from former Daleville resident, 38-year-old Michael Joseph Ingram when he was sent to prison in Winnfield, Louisiana on rape charges.

That sample came back as a match in Daleville.

“I think it's really great the system has worked. The suspect, if he did commit the crime has been caught and identified. It lets them know that we don't give up on cases like this where somebody's been attacked,” said Sgt. Harvey Mathis of Daleville Police Investigator.

Daleville Police will go to Louisiana later this month to interview Ingram on the charges and serve the Dale County felony warrants.

Both the burglary and the rape are class a felonies which could carry a sentence of up to 99 years.