Holiday Decoration Safety

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Home improvement stores in Dothan are selling an unprecedented number of Christmas decorations this year. Associates say the more decorations you plan to have, whether inside or outside, the more power you need to run them safely.

Manager of the Home Depot Electrical Department Timothy Brannon said, "This time of year there are more extension cords and trying to plug more than it can hold."

Overloading extension cords can lead to fires because of the large amount of heat that is generated.

Many people use lights for a simple way to decorate for the holidays, but associates say if used improperly they can *also* be dangerous.

Home Depot Associate David Hetchinson said, "The problem is using indoor lights outdoors because they're not protected from the elements. It could easily cause shock or a fire and those are things you wan to avoid during the holidays."

A surprising tip associates shared was to avoid blinking Christmas lights because of the added energy they require.

Brannon said, "With blinking lights you have a surge which heats your breaker up faster and could cause it to pop or cause a fire."

Not only are those blinking lights more dangerous, but they can also cause your utility bill to sky rocket.