Gun Safety Tips and Awareness

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Even though there is no gun safety law in Alabama, officials are reminding everyone to keep their weapons safe.

Firing guns can be entertaining, but it can be very dangerous if the gun gets in the wrong hands. Officials remind owners to use caution especially with children around.

“It is very important because kids are so inquisitive and have toy guns and don't know the difference,” said Frank Meredith of Dothan Police Department.

Operation project child is a Dothan Police initiative where they distribute gun locks for free. Gun owners can get one at the police department.

“There’s no law in Alabama as far as safety but we do urge public to be aware of what guns can do and keep it safe,” said Michael Faye of Sportsman's Outfitters.

Manufacturers put gun locks and instructions on how to use it in the package with the new gun.

If you're a teen trying to buy a gun, you must first attend a class.

Gun locks are easy to put on the gun and they're free at the Dothan Police Department and it can save your child's life.

If you need a gun lock visit the Dothan Police Department on Saint Andrews Street in downtown Dothan.