Do Not Call: Congress

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Lawmakers are answering the call from supporters of the "do-not-call" list.

Moving with unusual swiftness, the House has approved legislation to make it clear that the Federal Trade Commission has the power to oversee the list, aimed at stopping unwanted telemarketer calls. The House voted 412-to-eight to approve the measure. Telemarketers are supposed to stop making calls to the numbers on the list, as of next week.

The quick action in Congress is prompted by a federal judge's ruling that the FTC doesn't have that authority. The Senate is also expected to consider such legislation.

Lawmakers say the Americans who've put 50 million phone numbers on the registry have made it clear they're tired of unwanted calls at dinnertime.

The Federal Trade Commission, meanwhile, is moving ahead with its registry. It is confident that the judge's ruling side-tracking the anti-telemarketing list will be thrown out by Congress or the courts.