Concern Over Houston County’s “Plan for a New Quadrennium”

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Houston County leaders are getting ready to move forward with a four year plan to improve county roads, bridges, buildings and more. But residents are raising some concerns about the plan and how it will affect them.

A public hearing was held Thursday night, at the Houston County Commission chambers, where people were able to voice their thoughts and concerns about their “Plan for a New Quadrennium.”

Part of the plan for Houston County's new four year plan is to expand several roads. Projects that have residents who live along those roads worried about how the road expansions will affect their properties.

"We're concerned about the highway being widened to a five lane road which will be a problem for just about every resident on that road," said Houston County resident, Mike Holland.

Priscilla Andrews, who also lives in Houston County, says "Some people that I've talked to about the widening of the roads and having their property condemned."

Officials with Houston County say these and other projects outlined in the new four-year plan are not set in stone. But county leaders say one particular project is of utmost importance.

Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver, says "Certainly the county-wide water system is something that will take longer than four years, but it's probably our top priority."

Some county residents are also concerned about plans to raise additional revenue by implementing a new sanitation fee for garbage pick-up. They say they're afraid some of the money will be used to help the city of Dothan and not the rural parts of the county. But county leaders say the goal is to help everyone in the county not just a select few.

As county leaders prepare to finalize the plan for approval, they do say the will take every concern made by county residents into consideration to determine if any changes need to be made.

County leaders plan to have a finalized plan by December 7th, so they can vote on that plan by December 11th.