Terrorist Drill Held at Dothan Regional Airport

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Emergency responders held a terrorist drill at the Dothan Regional Airport Thursday morning. It's the most elaborate drill of its kind on the southeast.

A green flare at 8:29 Thursday morning simulated an SA-7 rocket terrorist shot at an airplane taking off at the airport.

The main body of the airplane crashed into a building at Wallace Community College with one wing landing far away on fire.

Airport security was the first on hand then Dothan Police Departments and Dothan Fire Departments set up commands.

Fire and rescue helped classify the wounded and dead inside the airplane.

The worst part came when an ambulance hijacked by terrorists with an IED and suicide bomber on board penetrated the staging area.

Officials didn't meet the demands of the suicide bomber so the bomb exploded.

The exercise finished with the SWAT team capturing the terrorist suspects.

Officials said they have lots to work on, but overall, the exercise was a success.

Officials think with more man power in a real situation they would have stopped the bomb from exploding.