Pay it Forward

Thanks to Oprah, the ‘Pay it Forward’ idea is sweeping the nation, including in Alabama.

The concept is to do something kind for another person, in hopes that person will return the favor to someone else.

A unique ‘Pay it Forward’ chain has begun in Auburn.

Makayla Kimbrel and her mom knew a time in their lives when they were glad that someone helped them out.

In turn, after their neighbors lost their home in a fire, the Kimbrel’s helped out by giving them toys, clothes, an envelope with money, along with a note.

However, the Kimbrel’s are not the first link in this ‘Pay it Forward’ chain; the Auburn-based Cornerstone United Methodist Church is.

"Instead of putting money in the basket as it passed, we wanted them to take money out,” said Rev. Rusty Hutson of Cornerstone United Methodist Church.

Hutson hopes the chain will not be broken and eventually touch people all across the state.