Elbe Elementary School Becomes an Example Nationwide

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Elba Elementary School began the Alabama Reading Initiative last year. Test scores increased more than 20-percent within six months. The school has now become a model for educators nationwide.

The teachers came from across much of the Midwest, and Southeast to witness first-hand a true success story in progress at Elba Elementary School. The Alabama Reading Initiative raised test scores dramatically at Elba.

Other states are now following Alabama’s lead.

"The other consultants and trainers in the state are working with Alabama’s Reading Initiative and watching the fine work taking place here at Elba Elementary," said Cary Andrews of Montana Education Consultant.

It takes hard work and team work on the part of the faculty and the students. But, the results at Elba Elementary are excellent.

Elba Elementary Reading Coordinator Gina Price said, "These other people can work with schools in states that have just implemented similar reading initiative programs like here in Alabama."

For the principal, this is a true showcase here for education across the country.

“There’s a lot of pressure on myself and the staff, but we show these educators the fine job that we do here at Elba Elementary on a daily basis," said Principal Lakesha Brackens.

Just before the Christmas break, the students will be tested on their reading comprehension.

A similar test will be given at the end of the school year in May.

In his reelection campaign, Governor Bob Riley stressed that Alabama’s public school system has become the nation's leader in initiating reading at an early age.