Do Not Call List

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Both sides in the dispute over the government's Do Not Call list say they'll have to study the latest court ruling before knowing what the impact will be.

A federal judge has ruled the Federal Trade Commission overstepped its bounds by creating the list, aimed at blocking telemarketing calls. The court says the main issue was whether the agency had the authority to put forth the list -- the court says it didn't.

An attorney for some top telemarketers tells Associated Press Radio that the court didn't address the fact that the Federal Communications Commission is also supporting the list. But Linda Goldstein says the ruling comes as a "welcome surprise."

The Federal Trade Commission says it's also reviewing the ruling, and is expected to have a statement Wednesday night.

Meantime, supporters of the Do Not Call list in Congress say they're confident the ruling will be overturned. Republican Congressman Billy Tauzin and Democrat John Dingell say they believe Congress did give the FTC the authority to create the list.