Police Looking for Drive-By Shooting Suspects

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Residents in one Midland City neighborhood are scared after witnessing a drive by shooting take place right before their eyes. Many of these residents have children and now they're afraid their homes may become drive-by targets as well.

On Sunday, November 26th, police say a home along Williams Street in Midland City was targeted by several gunmen. Pieces of wood and cardboard now cover what used to be a window at the home. Octavius Bennett, who lives at the home, says the shooting may have been retaliation against his friend, who he says was involved in some kind of dispute at a local night club.

According to Midland City police and several eye witnesses a white car pulled up to the home at around 1:45 Sunday afternoon, and that's when they say a couple of men jumped out and began firing.

"The white vehicle came down Williams Street before ever getting in front of the victims residence. That's when the shots took place," said Sgt. Bradley Shaw, of the Midland City Police Department.

Cindy Walker, an area resident says, "Next thing I know they just started shooting... there were guns and they were shooting."

Police say they recovered five or six rounds of shell casings, but say no one was injured or killed. The whole ordeal proved to be very frightening for area residents especially those with children.

"My kids used to ride their bicycles up and down the street and everything and they don't anymore. Not since Sunday, not anymore," said Walker.

Police have not been able to identify any of the suspects but they do say the vehicle they fled in was a white Crown Victoria, with dark tinted windows.

Anyone with information about this case is being asked the Midland City Police Department at (334) 983-3591.