Dothan Petition Validation Continues

City Manager Mike West's position has been at the center of opposition and a deadline for the people to vote on Dothan’s form of government has passed.

More than 6,300 names were gathered for that petition by former Dothan mayor Kenneth Everett.

Everett had hoped to have the issue voted on Tuesday, but city officials say the lack of manpower in the clerk's office makes it nearly impossible.

They have to manually validate each signature on the petition.

Everett wants everything resolved two weeks ago.

“We're going to have a vote. We're going to give the people an opportunity to vote and have a decision on the two forms of government and then we're going to abide by the vote,” said Everett

Mayor Pat Thomas says the clerk's office will stop counting at 2,311 signatures because that is the number required to hold a vote.

So far 250 names out of 400 have checked out as registered voters.