Dale County Emergency Management Drill

Dale County Emergency officials held a full functional exercise Tuesday to better prepare themselves in the case of a dangerous flu outbreak.

Officials teamed up with some of Daleville’s senior citizens to perform a mock crisis situation.

There, the citizens pretended to be patients that have come in contact with a dangerous virus and needed immediate attention.

The county performs the full functional exercises periodically to test the performance of its first responders.

“It's important that we practice time and time again, over and over again, so we get used to doing what needs to be done in the event of an emergency,” said Ray Phillips of Dale County EMA.

Area Coordinator Joseph Ellington said, “We will sit down and find out our good points. If there are any weaknesses, we'll work to improve on those, so in the next exercise we will improve on those things.”

In the case of a real outbreak, all of the patents would have received a vaccination, a mask, and an influenza kit.