Officials are Warning Businesses During Holiday Season

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Dothan Police are warning local businesses to be on the lookout this holiday season. Officials have been talking with local business owners about protecting themselves and their employees.

Pam Garrett is the general manager at Comfort Inn Hotel on the circle in Dothan. She attended the seminar on how to prevent and react to a robbery situation.

“This is a wonderful program so we can protect our guests as well as employees,” said Garret.

Sergeant Stacy Robinson with the Dothan Police Department talked to business owners about how to prevent robberies.

Sergeant Robinson says this is a time owners and employees should pay close attention.

“During the holidays there's an increase in burglaries and increased volume,” said Sgt. Robinson.

Business owners should make sure they use security cameras, have minimum cash on hand, and vary the times they make a cash deposit.

Hotel workers should be especially cautious.

“There are a rash of robberies at businesses and especially hotels,” said Bob Hendrix of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

So follow these simple tips and officials say you'll have a safe holiday season.

If you need more information, call the Dothan Police Department at 615-3000.