Houston County Four Year Plan in Action

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For the first time since its conception, the Houston County Commission's for a new Quadrennium has been made public.

The four-year idea is posted on the county's website and commissioners are now asking for your feedback before they vote to accept it.

This is the first time the commission members have developed a four-year plan together. Normally, it's a job for the chairman and his staff.

However, this year, there's more commission involvement than ever and they're asking for more than just their input.

"This year the commission, I think, wanted to have public input in it, to make it a more public document. So what we've done is come forward with this draft plan," said Chairman Mark Culver of Houston Co. Commission.

When you log onto the county's website, the link to the plan is hard to miss.

You can also pick up a hard copy of the draft from the county administration building.

“You'll see it's divided in two sections: one for capital planning and the other for operational plans” said Culver.

The document addresses all areas of need, from long-term building ideas to road improvements and even changes in the county's legal department.

If approved, nothing in the plans will be absolute.

Culver explains, "This gives us a guideline and by no means is it a static guideline. It's something that we will review annually or less, if need be. It will give us basically just a map to move forward in the future."

The commission will vote on a final plan to adopt two weeks from now.

In the meantime, they are asking for ideas and feedback from Houston County residents.

Log on to www.houstoncounty.org to see a copy of the plan.

There will also be a public forum hosted later this week. It will take place Thursday, November 30th, from 4 to 6PM in the County Commission Chambers.