Emotions Boil Over at Coffee County Commission Meeting

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The longtime Coffee County administrator says he has been placed in a hostile work environment. Monday, emotions boiled over at the regularly scheduled commission meeting.

Earlier this month, a motion to place Coffee County Administrator Wilson Mobley on administrative leave failed on a tied 3-to-3 vote.

However, at Monday's meeting, Mobley answered his critics by summarizing several financial audits, which indicated Coffee County is in sound financial condition.

Mobley says the criticism has become personal. "I consider this to be an attack on my personal and professional integrity and Mr. Chairman. This is all I’m going to say about it for now,"

Commissioner Linda Westbrook has often been a critic of the longtime administrator. She said, "We understand there is a problem and we need to correct it."

"Lambast anyone for not being on top of everything all the time. You can't do that," Mobley said.

Commissioner Westbrook says it isn't personal, but she and the commission must watch out for the best interests of the taxpayers" "We’ve got to come up with a solution, but there's no vendetta against Wilson," she said.

Mobley says he hopes to continue on as best he can as county administrator.

Mobley has been Coffee County’s administrator since 1989.