Special Facility Will Soon Close

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Pike County’s only specialty care home is closing its doors in a few days.

Owner Linda Steel of Magnolia Wood Lodge said this is the hardest thing she's ever done.

It's not something anyone wanted to do, but the business will close due to some rising costs.

Changing Regulations
Magnolia Wood Lodge has been in Troy for over 18 years.

Owner of the lodge, Linda Steel said the business must close because of increased expenses due to a new health regulation set by the state.

The new regulation was passed a few years ago, but has slowly forced Steel to close all seven of her businesses located in Troy and Pratville, Alabama.

"The closure was absolutely necessary, business wise. It makes me sad for these people that I love so much to be moving out," says Assisted Living Administrator Rita Outlaw.

Even though it wasn't an easy decision to close, Magnolia Wood officials say they have done their best to make it easy for the patients to transition to another home.

"We’ve even gotten some of the administrators and support staff to come here to see some of the residents. That helped our residents also because they started that bonding process and had the connection with somebody they could talk to about the move," says Outlaw.

The special care facility in Troy has held 48 beds, 38 which were specialty care.

There were also about 25 people on staff who are now eligible for unemployment.

On a Good Note
On the good side, officials say every patient has been placed and for many, it's closer to their family members.

Magnolia Wood Lodge stopped taking new patients several months prior to the decision to close and beds were about half-full before the announcement of the closure.