Former Houston Co. Sheriff Deputy Appear in Court

The former Houston County sheriff's deputy who stole thousands of dollars worth of sporting goods is headed to prison. Ricky Ducker's attempt to pull his guilty plea was denied and his request for an appeal bond was dropped.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit with his wrists handcuffed, Ricky Ducker was escorted in the Houston County courtroom in hopes of becoming a free man.

However, Judge Lawson Little denied his motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

After Judge Little denied his motion, Ducker asked to bond out of jail while awaiting his appeal.

But District Attorney Doug Valeska threatened to show a video tape with incriminating evidence if Ducker asked for an appeal bond and Ducker dropped his request.

Southern Outdoor Sports owner Mark Fuller was there for every step of the judicial process. He says he is relieved by Judge Little's decision.

Ricky Ducker will head to the penitentiary in his orange jumpsuit and await his appeal.

Ducker will remain behind bars for 20 years unless he gets out on appeal.

No decision has been made on whether there will be charges filed against ducker for the videotapes.

Valeska says at this time the victims do not want to press charges.