Retired Couples Seek to Serve

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Have you recently driven by Dothan Community Church on Westgate Parkway and wondered, what are those RVs doing parked in the back of the church?

Well, those RVs aren't just your average vacation vehicles and its occupants aren't just lounging around.

"We go to Christian organizations that need a team of RVICS to help and we use whatever skills that we have" says Group Leader Shirley Rose.

From sewing, to carpentry to tutoring and office work, the Christian volunteers with RVICS or Roving Volunteers in Christ, do it all.

The non-denominational organization travels by trailer and RV across North America rendering services to churches and other non-profits organizations.

It’s made up of retired couples, who want to take a proactive approach to the after life of a 9 to 5 job.

At Dothan Community Church RVICS stay busy making upholstery for church furniture, sending out information pamphlets about DCC, and helping to construct a wing for the church's youth.

'We're trying to build our facility debt-free. God has a way of bringing people together, we pray and seek him and he tends to network for us" says Church Pastor, Charles Lewis.

Usually, the couples meet on projects for the first time, and then after about a month or so, go to another site.

For example, one couple is going to headquarters in Smithville, Texas, while another is headed to Orlando, Florida.

"The RVICS is a family, I consider them my brother's and sisters" Rose continues.

There are 160 volunteers spread throughout North America.and they perform up to nine projects a year.

Members in the 30 year old volunteer organization normally have a break during Christmas and will be working on DCC until December 7th

Before Dothan, RVICS stopped at Camp Victory in Samson; they say the people here are amazing.

Two families took the volunteers in for Thanksgiving, and earlier this week, a DCC church member brought the crew good southern cooking.

Volunteers help all non-profit Christian organizations for free. All they ask is parking and an RV hook-up to have running water, sewer, and electricity.