Local School Bus Safety

During this school year, Dothan city school buses have been involved in four accidents. A bus was even totaled in one of them, but no children were on board.

Officials say the school system takes every measure to ensure the children's safety.

New drivers undergo at least four hours of training and are required to take four days of state-mandated classes.

Then the bus drivers must be re-certified each year.

But because of bus designs, most buses do not need seatbelts.

Officials say Dothan school buses are built for safety and the only buses that need seatbelts are the special needs and head start buses.

"These buses are built so strong. They're built strong from rear-end collisions and also from front-end collisions," said Larry Alums of DCS, Transportation Director.

Alums said despite the accident in Huntsville, it does not look like the school system will make any changes to school vehicles unless mandated by the state department or federal government.