Signatures to Oust City Manager Validity Tested

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Dothan city officials are counting names to make sure a petition to drive out the city manager is actually valid.

More than 63 hundred names were gathered for the petition, which seeks to change Dothan’s form of government.

That change will do away with the city manager's position and replace it only with the mayor and city commission.

The signatures were gathered by former mayor Kenneth Everett over a 30 day period, and then presented to the commission last week.

It's the hope of Everett to have the issue voted on by November 28.

So far however, only 100 names have been checked and 60 of those passed as registered voters.

"We have no time limit; we are carrying on the actual work of the city clerk that was going on anyway. The city clerk's office is performing as it always has, and it has other city duties, but they are checking the signatures," says Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas.

City officials are unsure if they'll make the deadline of November 28.

Everett has requested a series of public hearings to be held to discuss the issue. It's been brought up three times in the past and failed every time.