Automated Garbage System in Full Swing

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On December 4th you may see a strange-looking truck cruising around Dothan’s streets.

The city's automated garbage truck will be rolling out and customers need to know how to prepare for the new garbage system.

The truck will change the future of Dothan, and the way Dothan residents view trash-pick up is here.

"It's going to be different for everyone" says City of Dothan public Information Officer Cynthia Green.

Last week Dothan utility workers and inmates began dispersing the garbage carts, which will have a once a week pick up.

On your pick-up day you're asked to put out your carts by 6AM, and pull them in by 9PM at night.

If you don't, you could face fines by a city ordinance in the works.

Also, you're asked not to fill your carts with more than 250 pounds of trash.

City officials admit, the process starting off may be a little confusing, so they say they'll try and help you out as much as possible.

If you see a sheet attached to your trash can, it means you didn't do something right. From their end, they say they don't want their truck operator or passenger having to manually pick up the trash and put it inside the truck.

"With the placement of the can for collection it has to be at least three feet away from any stationary objects, such as boxes, parked cars, utility poles" says City of Dothan Public Works Engineer Randy Morris.

The new trucks will save the city $650,000 dollars annually because it requires less manpower.

"Nobody will loose their jobs. We're not laying off anyone. People will be able to be retrained and reassigned to different departments" says Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas.

The following is the schedule for when the new automated garbage truck will be coming to your side of town:

  • Monday: Northeast Dothan
  • Tuesday: Southeast Dothan
  • Wednesday: City-wide trash pick-up (make up day for holiday's trash isn't picked up)
  • Thursday: Southwest Dothan
  • Friday: Northwest Dothan

    Only 4000 trucks will be distributed to begin with. Those who are still on the current trash pick-up system will still have their garbage picked up twice a week, until they receive their new carts.

    For more information call 615-3820 or visit