Houston Co. Commission Lay Out Plans for Next Four Year

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The November elections over and the Houston County Commission is looking forward to another four years. Houston Co. Commission Chairman Mark Culver is planning for the future.

“One of the things we talked about is more public involvement this time around,” said Culver.

Tuesday they held a work session to finalize a plan for the next four years.

The top issue on that plan is a countywide water system. It's a 30 million dollar project to provide water in every home in the county.

It's a huge task which is set to begin in the next few years but will span over many years.

The Houston County Commission will also be looking at the jail population growth, costs for more space for inmates.

They will also be taking a look at road improvements, a Taylor Road extension and a Napier Field Extension.

A major resurfacing project will be in the works to address roads with the greatest need of attention and a bridge replacement and widening on Brannon Stand Road.

“We want to put the plan on the internet and in the paper so people who want to can comment on the plan,” said Culver.

Commissioners are hoping this plan will put Houston County on the road to success. You can view the water plan and other projects online at Houston County website.