Budget Deficit

In a special called public hearing, residents were asked to come up with ways to cut a projected $40,000 deficit.

A sales tax hike, an increase in property taxes, even a local tobacco tax. New Brockton Mayor Charles Cole asked residents to pick their poison. If no action is taken, the Coffee County Municipality of 1,200 residents could be swimming in red-ink to the tune of $40,000 by Summer's end. One commissioner said a half-cent increase on the eight-cent sales tax would be fair to all.

But, others weren't so sure, they felt an additional charge will force residents to go elsewhere to buy their groceries and other essentials.

Besides taxes, the council is considering reducing weekly hours for police and eliminating all city employee overtime.

No action was taken by the New Brockton Council. They hope to come up with a revenue generating plan by the end of this month.