Homeless Pets for the Holidays

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It seems that some people in the Wiregrass are giving their pets up for the holidays.

Instead of boarding them at a kennel, it's cheaper and more convenient to drop them off at the Dothan Animal Shelter, which is causing a problem for the already over-crowded shelter.

Last month, the Dothan Animal Shelter was home to almost 500 cats and dogs that needed to be adopted. Just these past weekends, about 25-more were dropped off.

Workers at the animal shelter say Saturday was one of their busiest days.

However, instead of adopting pets, people were lined up out the door to add more to the already stressed system.

"This Saturday I actually had people standing in line, like in cashier rows of just people dropping off animals," said Renee Skipper of the Dothan Animal Shelter.

Checking around to local pet day cares, it would cost a pet owner between $25 and $30-dollars per animal, per day to board their pets.

Multiply $30-dollars a day, times five-days, for example, and that would cost about $150-dollars, which is money that some pet owners cannot afford to spend this time of year.

"Unfortunately during the holidays, people's luck sometimes is not good or they have to go out of town or don't have the money to board their animals or take care of them, so they had no other choice," said Skipper.

Normally the animal shelter only sees larger-size dogs. But this weekend, about 25 smaller to medium-size dogs came to the shelter. Now, that means there are smaller, cuddly-size dogs to adopt.

Each of the owners who dropped their pets off Saturday signed release forms allowing their cats or dogs to be immediately adopted.

Many of the pets at the animal shelter are the perfect age to be adopted and the majority of them are already spayed or neutered.

Workers at the shelter would like to see these pets spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in a nice, warm home.

Anyone interested in adopting a pet can call the animal shelter at 615-4620. The shelter is located off Omussee Road close to the landfill and the water treatment plant.