Level Plains Receives a Raise

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A town that has seen its share of money issues has recently approved an increase in pay for all its employees.

The town of Level Plains made headlines last year for not paying its bills. But now, it seems the town has taken a turn for the better.

Level Plains’ employees will now see more money in their pockets.

The mayor and city council recently approved an eight percent increase for all its employees.

For a town the size of Level Plains, that increase could mean a strain on their budget.

"We felt like the raise was appropriate. It’s a little high for us, but I feel like the mayor and the council are part-time people. The people that keep the business of this town going are our full time employees and the part-time employees like the police,” says Level Plains Mayor, Tyrus Waters.

The last increase Level Plains got was about a year ago, when they received a $250 dollar cost of living adjustment.

City leaders say this increase is to try to catch up to the surrounding city's pay.

That catching up could have something to do with the previous administration, which News 4 told you in 2005 had trouble paying its bills.

Last November the city temporarily cut the police department and fired the town clerk because leaders said the town didn't have enough money.

However, the mayor that has been serving in Level Plains since last March says that's not the case, but it's just something every administration faces and he just wants the city employees to become more competitive.

"When you look at the different issues, you look at the cost of living and the consumer price index. My thinking is if you don’t raise them above that, they’re not gaining any raise, they’re just keeping up," said Waters.

The city employs 10 to 12 people.

City leaders say they hope this pay will make employees want to stay longer.