Child Neglect, Mom Pleads Blind

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A mother now faces up to 10 years in prison for neglecting her disabled child. Police say this is one of the worst cases they've seen when it comes to neglect.

A mother who made her son live in terrible conditions is what made some officials want no mercy.

Cynthia White may spend up to 10 years in prison for the neglect of her 23-year-old son.

White received over $500 a month to take care of her son who was suffering from spinal bifida, but police say she wasn't caring at all.

“The young man was in very serious condition. He was telling the doctor that he hadn't eaten in four days. An examination by the nurse showed there was insect infestation of his groin area, as well as a very large bed sore on his buttocks," said Investigator Harvey Mathis of the Daleville Police Department.

White called rescue units to this house when her son was having trouble breathing, but when help arrived police say she lied to him about living in such horrible conditions.

Officials say the son's room was an old bathroom that no longer worked, with a bed inside and clothes piled up. The bed had no sheet, a sunken hole in the middle, and vomit on the side.

“His mother, collecting a check every month for him and cashing that check and spending it, obviously not spending it on his wellbeing, is just hideous and atrocious. The injuries that he suffered at her hands, the neglect was just unfathomable,” said Kirke Adams, District Attorney.

“I wouldn’t let my dog live in conditions of that nature," said Mathis.

White pleaded blind to the judge for abuse of a protected person and is waiting to be sentenced. White now faces anywhere from a year and a day to 10 years in prison.

The son now has proper care and has gained about 45 pounds since last year.

Police arrested White in September 2005.