Hamilton Crossroads Community

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The Hamilton Crossroads area in Pike County is still in ruins after a tornado roared through the community Wednesday.

However, people in the in the community are absolutely inspiring.

Everyone we spoke with Thursday told us how lucky they are, as they stood in front of what seems like a disaster.

A nearly leveled fire department, a twisted building and a down water tower is just part of the extensive damage to Pike County’s Hamilton Crossroads community after a tornado came through the area.

"We got in the room and kneeled down. The office started shaking, and it felt like the walls were going to come up. Then, the roof peeled off, and we were just praying the whole time. Everybody was just praying," says Marshall Childers, who survived the tornado.

Officials say there is over $900,000 dollars worth of damage, including at least $250,000 dollars to replace a water tank, $225,000 dollars for electricity work, and $140,000 dollars for the fire station.

However, the people of the area are thankful to be alive.

"We're blessed, regardless. We’re just thankful to be alive. When we came out we weren't really worried about the disaster. We were just thankful to be here," said Childers.

Chief Tad Dent of the Hamilton Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department said, "It's just, you can't change anything. No one is dead. We have some damaged houses. We’re lucky, and it doesn't help to boo-hoo. We're going to fix the station and do what we do."

As far as clean up efforts go, officials say it will take quite some time.

Crews were on the scene repairing damaged utility poles and cleaning up debris.

But for now, a lot of the community is still turned upside down. It looks like Pike County will get no help from the government, although Pike County had enough damage to be considered a disaster area.

Thursday, EMA officials met and there wasn't enough damage in the state to receive a decoration, which would give the area federal assistance.

Water authority officials say there should be no water problems for the people in the community, except for lighter water pressure.