Covington County Sustains Millions in Storm Damage

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Mother Nature ripped through the wiregrass Wednesday with a vengence and brought strong winds and heavy rains. Several area homes and businesses suffered heavy damage.

Several chicken farms in the old pine area of Covington county were hit hard by the storm. Eight chicken farms sustained heavy damage, but officials say the cost of that damage will be heavier.

"Probably about two to three million dollars worth of damage to these chicken houses. About every chicken house through here is leveled if not damage done to it. There are chickens still in them and we know were going to have 50 to 100-thousand to bury tomorrow," said Kent Colquett of the Covington County Commission.

Area homes also sustained severe damage.

Kristi Stamnes, of the Covington County Emergency Management Office says, "We've had trees on houses like I said, those numbers are still coming in, so we don't have the exact number, but there have been several reported."

There were some reports, early Wednesday, of a possible fatality in Covington County related to the storm, but officials there say that fortunately no one was hurt or killed.

Covington county officials say that anyone whose home or business has sustained damage should call the EMA office so someone can go out and make sure it is safe to be inside. The number is (334) 427-4911.