Headland Storm Damage

It seems the town of Headland received the most damage, after an apparent tornado ripped through the sides and roof of the Red Star Yeast Plant.

A high wind hit the building, which sits about two miles north of County Road 22 on Highway 431.

Within seconds the siding, and a large portion of the roof was torn of off when the tornado hit; power lines leaning dangerously close to falling over.

"It sounded like when you stand real close to a train going by and it was loud and rumbling. We didn't have any warning at all it was coming. I look at my computer about the weather when it gets like this and it said there'd been a tornado in Defuniak Springs, but not here! "

Barry says immediately, department heads began a proactive approach. Electricity was shut off and employees either gathered in a safe place or went to get generators and tarps to cover the gaping hole staring from the buildings siding.

Laborers were brought in to clean up the scrap metal. "We had our walkie-talkies, and next-tels so we were able to communicate," says Barry.

In what's usually a highly populated area, no one was hurt, or even close to injured.

The monetary damage is still being accessed, but it’s mostly structural.

Equipment in the processing room was untouched.

Coming up on News 4 Thursday, we'll have an update on the repair and damage to Red Star Yeast and the city of Headland.