Pike County Suffers Storm Damage

One of the towns hardest hit by Wednesday’s storm, was the Pike County Hamilton Crossroads community. Several structures were damaged or destroyed.

There were three major structures damaged: the volunteer fire department, a neighboring business and what is astounding to most people in the area: the water tower.

A hand-painted sign is all that's left standing at the Hamilton Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, after a tornado ripped through the area.

Fortunately, the trucks were not damaged badly, and were out on routes at the time the building came down.

However, the fire department wasn't the only structure to suffer loss.

Lamar Faulk was inside another building the area, eating lunch, when he heard the tornado come though.

After digging themselves out, he and his co-workers said they were lucky to be in the only part of the building that didn't come crashing down. "One of the guys ran in and said it was coming. We dove in a little 8x4 room, and it hit. Everything was gone above our heads in just a few seconds. Then it was over," he descries.

However, perhaps the most talked about loss to the city was the giant water tower.

It also came roaring to the ground when the storm came though.

"It's unimaginable. You think of the worse thing that would happen and it's a busted line or several busted lines. In all of your wildest dreams, you'd never think about your tank being non-existent. All we can do is divert water from other sources to take care of our people, which we've already done," said G.M Stephanie Blackman of Pike County Water Authority.

On the good side, officials have no reports of any serious injuries or fatalities.

About 2000 customers were without power in Pike and Coffee County and crews were on the scene Wednesday night, trying to restore power as soon as possible.

If you have any damage from the storm and you live in the Pike County area, the American Red Cross has set up a staging area at the Fellowship Hall at the Hamilton Crossroads Church of Christ.

There is also a shelter set up in Brundidge at the Salem Baptist Church.