Feeling about Sales Tax Still Mixed After 1st Public Hearing

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As Dothan city officials try to educate the public about the city's plan for spending money from the one-cent sales tax increase, they're getting some mixed reviews.

Since its inception, the one cent sales tax increase has been controversial. Some people are very angry and say additional taxes are not necessary.

Catherine Carmichael, says, "I'm living on $20,000 and then I've got taxes and my hospitalization that comes out of that, which is very important to me because my husband now has cancer... and I come down to about $16,000 a year and you people are walking away with this and increasing my taxes."

Other people say an additional penny to every dollar is the best thing to help Dothan move forward.

"They've looked at the streets that are tearing up, they've looked at the senior citizens center, and they've looked at the education center and said they would support it if there was a plan... and I believe these things have to happen in order for our city to move forward," said Jack Sasser.

City officials say the sales tax increase will help the city with numerous operational and capital projects. They say all they're trying to do is make Dothan a better place to live long term. And as officials plan for the future they are trying to clear up any and all confusion regarding the new sales tax.

City Commissioner Larry Mathews says, "Just trying to make a progressive move and make things better in all the communities not just one or two... but throughout the city."

City officials are asking everyone to comment about the spending plan and share their thoughts about how it should be allocated and for what projects. They say they will take those comments into consideration as they move forward. And if anyone wants to learn more about this spending plan, log onto the city's website at www.dothan.org.

City officials also plan to hold another public hearing. The meeting will be held next Tuesday, November 21st, at 6:00 pm.