School Bus Crashes in Fulton County

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ATLANTA (AP) - The superintendent of Carrollton City Schools says seven students and a bus driver were taken to a hospital after an accident involving two buses bound for an outing in Atlanta.

Superintendent Tom Wilson says 84 students and several staff members and parents were on their way to Atlanta Civic Center to see an opera when the accident happened.

Fulton County Police Corporal Scott McBride says the accident happened just before 10 a-m on Fulton Industrial Boulevard at Interstate 20.

McBride says the driver of one of the buses reported being cut off by a truck and when the driver put on brakes, the bus was struck in the rear by the second bus. The driver of the second bus was ticketed for following a vehicle too closely.

The superintendent says most of the injuries involved bumps, bruises and sore necks and none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. The students are ninth- through 12th-graders at Carrollton High School.

He says the students remaining on the buses were taken back to the school in case any of them experienced problems during the day.

In his words, "We're just fortunate it wasn't worse."

Wilson says the buses were about 40 miles from the school when the accident happened.

He did not have the names of the bus drivers involved.

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