Dothan Petition Confusion

Former Dothan Mayor Kenneth Everett is the man behind a petition to possibly oust city manager Mike West presented his signatures to the commission.

It was more than 6,000 signatures, more than enough to get a debate and vote on whether residents would want to change from the current city manager form of government to a mayor council form of government.

The only thing is some folks may be a little confused on exactly what they signed.

City officials say residents and even some WTVY viewers say they signed the petition thinking it was in opposition to the recent sales tax increase.

The confusion they say caused them to sign the petition under false pretenses.

Some say that could be the reason for getting such a large response in a short time.

But Everett says, he simply gave the petitions to Dothan registered voters and their signing it had absolutely nothing to do with the sales tax decision.

“I can tell you that if anybody said that and anybody tried to convince them it was about the sales tax issue, then I’m sorry but that is not the way we presented it,” said Everett.

Coming up tonight on News 4 at five, we'll talk with one of those petition signers and tell you exactly what a city manager does and if our current Mayor would be willing to take on that responsibility if voters decided to change Dothan’s form of government.

If you are one of the people who signed the petition, please call us or email us and let us know what you were told the petition is for.

You can call our newsroom here at 712-7450 or e-mail us at