Houston County School Budget

Alabama school systems will be unable to finalize their budgets for next fiscal year until they see how much money state lawmakers will hand out in the special session next week.

But, one area school system has come up with a tentative spending plan.

Houston County school officials have already come up with a $36.2 million budget for next year. They've already slashed the spending plan by nearly one and a half million dollars to cope with the projected impact of proration.

Athletics have also been cut, but even that may not be enough. School officials are now being told to expect proration of 6.5 percent or even higher. Lord says that means teachers will be digging in their own pockerts to buy school supplies and students will have to make do with old text books.

School officials will not even be able to finish their budgets until after the beginning of the new fiscal year. Superintendents have been told they won't get their final calculations from the state until October 3rd.

Lord says the budget crunch also means larger classes and fewer electives for students.