Troy Business Refuses to Close

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Troy officials say they are tired of H & H Pre-Paid Internet breaking the law.

Now, they are doing something about it.

H & H Pre-Paid Internet has been doing business, even after the city told them to stop.

Their license was revoked and the business had until Friday at midnight to shut down.

However, it was still open Saturday and Sunday, and Troy officials say they've had enough. They have now issued two citations.

The city of Troy is now seeking legal action against H & H Pre-Paid Internet and Business Owner Henry Weiman.

The city gave the business until November 10th to shut down, but owners didn't listen.

“The city council was generous enough to allow them to continue operating until the 10th, which was their requested date. It was under very clear terms that they were to stop operating then. Obviously this is a further perpetuation of the lies by continuing to operate after they stated that they would be out of business on the 10th," said Mayor Jimmy Lunsford of Troy.

Because of those lies, city leaders say the punishment the owners could face is $500 dollars per machine per days as well as at least six months jail time.

Monday, it appeared the business is now closed.

County leaders say the owners applied for a license outside Troy, but still within Pike County.

Now, the County Commission is trying to do what it can to stop that from happening.

"The commission is very concerned about this issue for the residents of Pike County. They are very concerned to do everything they can to satisfy the concerns of the county and the residents within the county," said Harry Sanders of the Pike County Commission.

Before obtaining a license within the county, the business will be investigated to be sure it complies with all state laws.

Police say there are about 50 machines in H & H Pre-Paid Internet.

Therefore, that's totals to $50,000 dollars in fines for the two days open against the city's ruling.

The city is calling a special court session for this Friday.