Wiregrass Crude Oil?

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Could bubbling crude oil be in the future for one Wiregrass county?

One company thinks so, and now they're trying to find out.

It seems landowners in the tiny Frisco community are being approached for oil and gas mineral leases.

For several generations, Terry Law's family has owned several hundred acres in Coffee County's Frisco community.

Recently, he, along with his neighbors, have been approached by representatives of Cincinnati-based Trinity Resources Incorporated. The company asked for a deed at the County Commission meeting.

Records from 1953 indicate a test drill produced oil near the Frisco Voting House.

"If we could, we would use every acre in the county to get it. Our research indicates oil reserves in northeast Coffee County," said Phil Sharp of Trinity Resources, Inc.

Affected residents are cautiously optimistic that they'll soon become millionaires many times over, but nothing is for chance.

"I don't know,” says Landowner, Terry Law. “We'll wait and see. We hope so, that's my answer."

Several other Frisco residents are hoping that the experimental well will indicate oil underground.

“The deal would mean a lot of residents in the area will benefit, not just a few,” says Landowner, Tim Gibson. “However, that’s only if the exploratory well indicates drilling.

Besides, several landowners say the company has told them that they have $300,000 dollars designated to drill the well by the Frisco Voting House.

Trinity representatives say they would like to start drilling for the oil before Christmas.