Food Bank Low on Turkeys For the Holiday

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Al works for the Wiregrass area food bank's distribution department. He loads turkeys into the food bank freezer.

Usually when he does it, there's hardly any room for more, but not this year.

“We're in a predicament this year because we couldn't get enough turkeys from the USDA" says Kerry Farrell with the Food Bank.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides turkey's to the Wiregrass area food bank. However, this year, farmers had a tough time with turkey production.

Therefore, there wasn't a surplus and that surplus cut out the supply the food bank receives.

"We're going to have to go and buy some turkeys and ask for donations" Farrell added.

Organizations are requesting almost 900 turkeys to be distributed to area families by this Thursday.

However, even with the donations that they have taken in so far, only 166 turkeys have been collected.
"We're talking people that have two people in the household, both of them trying to make ends [meet] with two kids and they have to decide, do I buy this $14 dollar turkey or do I put gas in the car," says Shirley Henderson with the Food Bank.

So, officials are asking you to reach in your pockets and either buy a few turkeys for hard-working families, or donate a few extra dollars to help the food bank meet the needs of hundreds of hungry families in the Wiregrass.

While this Thursday is the deadline, officials will still accept more turkeys until next week.

They say they desperately need the turkeys; it's the difference between a family having food for the holidays and not having food at all.

Food bank representatives will be on hand this Thursday, November 16th for their 7th Annual Stuff a Semi.

You can bring donations to the McDonald’s parking lot across from Home Depot from 6AM until 6PM that evening in an effort to fill the bed of a semi-truck.