Ballots Cast in Wrong Precincts

Over 100 ballots in one Houston County Commission Seat race appear to have been cast in the wrong precincts.

Joel Watkins who ran against Incumbent Frances Cook, for the district three seat on the Houston County Commission, notified officials at the Houston County Probate Office of the mishap, earlier Thursday.

Officials say ballots cast by voters living on part of Virginia Avenue, Ashland Avenue, and Fox Hollow Way were cast at the wrong precincts.

However, they say those votes were not enough to overturn the results

"The difference in the vote itself was 1,073 votes in Mrs. Cooks favor. The three streets that are in question had approximately 110 voter’s entirety on that; 110 votes would not have made a difference in the election," said Judge Luke Cooley of Houston County Probate Office.

Officials say they will correct the problem and make sure this doesn't happen during the next election.