Lawyers For Accused Courthouse Gunman Ask Dismissal of Indictment

ATLANTA (AP) - A lawyer for accused courthouse gunman Brian
Nichols made a final push today to convince a judge to throw out
murder charges against his client because of how the grand jury
that indicted him was selected.

Defense lawyer Robert McGlasson said Fulton County's reliance on
a voter registration list as a primary source of names for jurors
causes minorities to be underrepresented in the pool. McGlasson
says the county should use more up-to-date lists.

Similar challenges have failed in other capital murder cases in
the county, and prosecutor Christopher Quinn reminded Superior
Court Judge Hilton Fuller of that. Quinn said Nichols has "has
completely and utterly failed to meet any constitutional test" to
get a new grand jury.

There was no immediate ruling on the motion. Nichols' trial for
the March 11th, 2005, slayings of a judge, court reporter,
sheriff's deputy and federal agent is currently scheduled to begin
January 11th.