Henry County Sheriff

In Henry County, the democratic candidate for the sheriff's seat, will Maddox beat his republican opponent Mark Jones, by a sizable lead.

The final tally of votes, excluding provisional ballots, was will Maddox 3,866 - Mark Jones 1,918.

Maddox wins the seat with 67 percent of the vote.

News four was in Henry County last night when Maddox was announced as the winner.

Maddox: "Well, I just feel relieved and I feel overwhelmed at the vote. I want to thank everyone for their vote. I want to get everyone working on the same page as far as law enforcement in Henry County. I want to get everyone working together, and we want to fight the drug problem like I campaigned, the promise, and make all the drug dealers look over their shoulders," said Maddox.

And Maddox says he also plans to improve his department's relationship with other local sheriff's offices and police departments.