Henry County Sheriff's Race

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Elections are less than a week away and some candidates are using these last few days to reach out to voters.

Henry County will soon have a new sheriff taking office. However, it's up to you to decide who will lead the way.

Mark Jones is running on the Republican ticket and his opponent, Will Maddox is on the Democratic ticket.

Jones has been in law enforcement for 18 years, 15 of which was served in the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Jones began working as a deputy and before his recent move to become the Headland chief of police, he held the position as chief deputy for Henry County.

He says if elected, he has two major plans for the department: to set up a stronger drug enforcement unit and create a south-end sub station to help spread deputies throughout the county.

"My qualifications speak for themselves. I’ve done it. I know how the sheriff’s department works," says Jones.

Maddox has been in law enforcement in Henry County for 26 years. There, he has worked as the conservation officer for the sheriff's department.

He says he wants to lead the department by working alongside deputies, and fill the chief deputy slot that's been vacant for two years.

Like Jones, he also plans to crack down on drug use in the county.

"I’m honest. I’m sincere. So, if they’ll vote for me and trust my judgment, then I’ll do the best I can with that job," Maddox says.

Both candidates say their main focus is to protect and serve the people of Henry County.

Henry County's current Sheriff, Lawton Ed Armstrong will not be on the ballot for sheriff. He is running for another office.