Cowart's Church Burglary

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A local church is burglarized in cowarts, leaving church members to pick up the tab. The Houston County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crime, but found little evidence to lead them to a suspect.

First Baptist church in Cowarts is recovering from a burglary that is puzzling investigators. The burglary was reported Thursday morning, but could have taken place anytime between last Sunday and Wednesday evening.

Church officials are disappointed that the burglary took place in a house of God. Pastor Johnny Roberts said, "It makes you nauseous that someone would steal from the lord and God's people and this money was going to help pay off a debt."

The money was kept in a wooden treasure chest located in the sanctuary. The pastor estimates the box to weigh about 250 pounds, more than most people could pick up and walk out with. There are no signs of forced entry, so investigators are looking for outside information to help them bring the case to a close.

Houston County Sheriff's Investigator Keith Cook said, "If people who know anything would call and give info. a lot of times that's what breaks cases like this."

Houston Co. Sheriff Lamar Glover says he has designated an investigator to the case and feels confident an arrest will be made with the help of the public.

If you have any information about the Cowarts church burglary you can contact Crimestoppers at 793-7000. You may be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward.