Former Deputy Sentenced to 20 Years in Pen

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Former Houston County Sheriff's Sergeant Ricky Ducker sat silently with other prisoners after his sentencing Wednesday morning.

"Mr. Ducker must be shown that he is not above the law," said 20th Circuit Court Judge Lawson Little.

Judge Lawson little sentenced Ducker to 20 years in the state penitentiary, without probation and ordered him to pay $5000 dollars in fines.

Earlier, Ducker pled guilty to stealing $21,000 dollars in stolen property from Southern Outdoor Sports over a course of three years, where he worked part-time.

An investigation ensued, after two officers he'd sold a couple of hunting bows to, ran the serial numbers and discovered the equipment to be stolen.

Company Owner Ronald Fuller was relieved. "My feelings haven't changed. I'm just glad the judge gave him a just sentence. He deserved it," Fuller said.

Defense Attorney Derek Yarbrough wanted Judge Lawson to show grace.

Citing Ducker's admittance, law enforcement history, and the fact the money loss from the stolen property could be fully reimbursed, the prosecution thought differently. "In this case, I think it sends a strong message that you're not above the law and if you try to, you'll be prosecuted," says District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Fuller adds, "He was a trusted employee and friend and betrayed my trust, our family, our business."

The district attorney will file for restitution money the defense promised.