International Student Safety in Troy

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Troy University prides itself on being a global school for higher education, but what happens when its international students become victims of crime?

Last week three off-campus international students were victims of robbery. Now officials are wondering if these type crimes are targeted to international students.

Police haven't released any motives to verify that, but some students say yes. This week Troy police arrested two men they say robbed three Troy university students. Reportedly, those students are not from the United States, and university officials say more off-campus robberies happen to international students than American.

But why?

"I think the international students are the most targeted, I guess. It’s because American students carry credit cards and all, but we carry cash and debit cards. They are easy for the robbers to rob us. We’re really scared because we don’t know," said Pukar Baskota, an international student.

But are the international students safe? One student from Saudi Arabia says he came to Troy for the small town atmosphere, and he says it's very safe.

"My friend told me about Troy. He said it’s very nice and very quiet. He really felt safe about this town," Ssan Eofifi said.

But university leaders say more needs to be done to protect the international students. Officials say they are teaming up with the international programs to teach the foreign exchange students ways to practice personal safety, especially if living off campus.

Students, police, and university officials say they don't see any recent robberies as hate crimes. They say many students are simply too vulnerable.

Officials say don't open the door to anyone that you don't know.

If you see any suspicious activity, Troy police officials say don't hesitate to call, and if a crime happens, call the police immediately.

Police say too many crimes are going on without being reported. Their number is 566-0500.