Houston Co. Sheriff's Race, Sheriff Lamar Glover Profile

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Tuesday night on news 4, we introduced you to republican Houston county sheriff's candidate, Andy Hughes.
Now, news 4's Erika Eurre takes you to the home of incumbent candidate, sheriff Lamar Glover, as he campaigns for his fourth term in office.
With less than a week until the final vote, sheriff Lamar Glover and his wife Jeanette are high in spirit, with a positive attitude about their campaign.
He says, "I love the community service I've done. For 44 years now, I've been in law enforcement, in the people business, helping people often times in their trials and sometimes in their happiness but helping them every time, anyway."
And as far as trials are concerned, the sheriff's department has overcome its own obstacles.
More recently were the cases of inmates drinking and two separate incidents of a gun found in the jail. But the sheriff says incidents like these come with the territory. About the gun in the jail issue...both cases are still open. But as far as inmates' drinking...that problem was promptly taken care of.
And with 12 years of being the sheriff, Lamar Glover believes he is the best candidate to deal with these issues, when they arise.
He began his career in law enforcement straight out of high school.
Then he worked for the state troopers for 31 years before being elected sheriff in 1994.
On top of that, he holds a master of science degree in criminal justice from Troy University.
But that's not his proudest achievement:
"I'm very proud of my record that I established. Since I've been sheriff, we've had 100 percent resolution rate on our class a felonies, rapes, serious assaults. I'm also very proud of the fact that I've been able to bring some very needed equipment to the sheriff's office."
On top of that, he says his department has a 17 minute average response time to anywhere in the county.
It will also gain a new class of deputies in the near future.
Glover says he expects to continue his efforts as Houston county's sheriff for as long as he is eligible for election.
Don't forget to vote for your candidate of choice Tuesday, November 7th.