Houston County Sheriff's Race: Andy Hughes Profile

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Elections are only a week away and the races are heating up.
So News 4 is taking a look at the Houston county sheriff's race.
Here is a look at republican candidate, Andy Hughes:
One week from now, Andy Hughes sees himself as Houston county sheriff.
It's a dream he's had since he was a child, growing up in a family of law enforcement officers.
He says, "I want to be a sheriff that's very involved in the community. I don't want to be a sheriff that's only related to the community on a law enforcement side. I want to be a sheriff who's active in all aspects of Houston county."
Andy started his professional career in law enforcement as a sheriff's department dispatcher at the age of 18.
He then worked his was up to being a jailer, a deputy on patrol and even an investigator.
But for the past 16 and a half years, he's been working with the Dothan police department.
Andy says his experience gives him fresh perspective on the sheriff's office. He plans to bring in a new era of integrity and professionalism and see deeper into the needs of the more than 90,000 Houston county residents.
"I believe we need to look into the deployment schedule for deputies, look at how many deputies we have in the community and look at what the average response times are for an emergency and non-emergency call. Then adjust our number of deputies based upon that so we can better serve the citizens of Houston county."
Andy has been on the campaign trail for 17-weeks now and is focusing all his efforts on the election.
He was forced to abruptly resign as a Dothan police sergeant weeks ago, because the Hatch Act would not allow him to work while campaigning.
For more information on Andy Hughes campaign, log on to www.HughesForSheriff.com.
Wednesday on news 4 at 6, we'll profile incumbent sheriff Lamar Glover.