"No Tolerance" for Speeders

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Police in one area town say it's had enough of careless drivers in the area, and now they plan on doing something about it.

The town of Newton may have only 1,700 people residing within its limits, but leaders say many more drive through. But with the speed limit dropping though the center of town, many residents say the posted signs have no effect on some drivers.

"You have small businesses here. You have the cabinet shop and the laundry mat, and anytime anyone has to walk across the street, whether it’s to pay their water bill or to go to the bank. It’s dangerous,” said resident Patricia Hughes.

Police say they have a problem in the city concerning drivers not yielding to pedestrians. Police say this is the kind of careless driving they will have no tolerance for, and now they're doing something about it.

Police say they are not only enforcing zones in the downtown area, but Newton PD says they also want to target folks driving through the school intersection where going over the limit puts children in danger.

"School zones are posted 25 when the lights are flashing. In the mornings and evenings we are going to try to enforce that as heavily as possible for the safety for all the citizens and the children," said Chief Stephen Oliver

Police say they will not be giving any warnings and going even one mile over the posted limit could land you a ticket. The no tolerance policy is now in effect.