City May Change the Way Pet Adoptions Happen

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The dogs in the Dothan Animal Shelter are happy, wagging their tails. Little do they know, within a week they could meet their fate with the prick of this needle. But the Animal Services Division of the Dothan Police Department is seeking to give them a better chance at life.

That better chance will extend the current seven day adoption deadline to a 20 day deadline.

In June 2006, there were 773 stray animals picked up. Through the Sav-A-Pet Foundation, 233 were adopted out. Of those animals, 374 were euthanized. That's about half.

The item will go on Tuesday’s city commission administrative agenda. From there, commissioners will decide whether they'll put it on their regular agenda for a vote.

Since January of this year, 6000 strays have been brought in to the animal shelter. Less than half are alive right now because there's just not enough time to for them to be adopted.

Dothan Police Department officials say a new state law now requires lethal injection. The cost is $188 monthly for cities and a charge of $15 monthly to towns.