Dale County Sheriff's Race

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After 24 years, Dale County will have a new sheriff.

It has come down to two people for the position, Hal Cox and Wally Olson.

Bryant Mixon has been through six sheriff elections, but after 24 years, he is stepping down and letting a new man lead the way.

However, who will the new Dale County sheriff be? That's what you will decide November 7th.

On the ballot will be two candidates: Democratic Candidate, Hal Cox and Republican Candidate Wally Olson.

While each candidate has his own vision for the department, they both share one word to describe it: progress.

Cox is a retired military official and has served in law enforcement for 13 years.

He says his main goal is to create the most aggressive drug unit in Dale County. "I feel like maturity, leadership ability and my goals as sheriff will enhance and improve what is going on right now," he explains.

Olson has been working with the department for nearly 11 years, and he says it's been his life-long goal to become sheriff.

His major platform is better training for all employees within the department. “I feel that it’s about the people. You run for a public office, you should be there to serve the people. That’s what I want to do. I want to dedicate my life to serving the people of Dale County as their sheriff," he says.

Both candidates say they plan on increasing patrols within the county if elected Dale County sheriff.

You can decide on November 7th who you think would be the best man for the job.

Polls open at 7AM.