Divorces in Houston County on the Rise

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It's the happiest moment of a couples lives, they've found the one.

But after they’re married, the bliss and happiness ends, and reality sets in. And that reality can sometimes lead to a divorce.

"A lot of people don't have conflict resolution skills and we live in a society that's made it okay for people to just walk in and out of marriage,” says Chattanooga, TN Based Family and Marriage Counselor Doctor Rozario Slack.

In a seminar entitled, 'Transforming Communities Through Strengthening Marriage and Families,’ Dr. Slack spoke with ministers and other community and social service providers on taking personal responsibility for what goes on in the community.

But according to event organizers, our community is in denial about the high divorce rates in our area.

"We have a veneer here in Houston County that we've got it all together and we don't have problems that the rest of the world does. But statistics are telling us that in the world of marriage and family we have a very serious problem" says Bill Reif with Wiregrass Hope Group.

Slack points out that high profile celebrity romances can sometimes shape people perceptions about marriages.

And headlines in tabloids have not created a perfect solution in fixing them, only shaping the high number of divorce rates.

"We're wanting to get to the kids and the young adults before they get married to try and help them," says Harriot Faulk also with Wiregrass Hope.

Dr. Slack says statically speaking; if a child's parents are divorced, they'll too get a divorce. He said to avoid this phenom, make sure the child of divorced parents witnesses a healthy relationship between the two.

According to the Centers for Health Statistics, in 2004 there were 670 divorces in Houston County and 385 in Dale County.

Henry County only had 44.